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by | Feb 18, 2022 | Bending Genres

Hello Everyone!

I look forward to reading your work! I’m sitting here in Milwaukee, Wis and it’s bloody freezing and I’m hoping to be warmed by the fire of your words.

What if I can’t write anything?
– Yeah, you can. I believe in you. But you can choose your own adventure here–if you want to sit back and read the examples and check out participants’ drafts, you can always write after the workshop (but I say, just jump in and do it).

How long should my drafts be?
– How long is a piece of string? Feel free to write at any length, though we suggest a soft count of around 500 words.

Can I post more than one in each day?
– Yes, you can! I’m happy to read and critique any number (within reason), though other participants may not have the time to review all.

Should I respond to all participant drafts?
– This is up to you! The great thing about this course is that we have some phenomenally good writers in the mix, so give them some time and attention, see how they are playing with the prompts and exercises. Your responses don’t need to be in great length, but as writers, we love to hear what is working and where we might take a piece.

Let me know if you have any questions along the way: joncardew@hotmail.com.

Here’s to a happy weekend of writing!


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