35 Variations

by | Oct 6, 2020 | CNF, Issue Seventeen

1. Alphabetically: AA B C D EEEEE F H J NN OOO RR SS T U W Y

2. Anagram: O, we seafarers enjoy techno dub.

3. Lipogram in d, g, i, k, l, m, p, q, v, x, z: We can bed heroes, just for one day.

4. Lipogram in a: We might be heroes, just for one sunrise.

5. Lipogram in o: We can be bravest, just for a day.

6. Lipogram in e: Individuals can turn into gods, only on particular days.

7. Transposition (W+7): Weak-kneed can be heroical, just for one dayfly.

8. Strict palindrome: Ya, den or oft? Suj, se ore heb nac? Ew!

9. Missing letter: We cane heroes, just for one day.

10. Two missing letters: We can be hers, just for one day.

11. Ideograph

12. Negation: We cannot ever be heroes.

13. Emphasis: We, and that means future super-badasses like you and I, could be heroes. We could confront what scares us, say fuck it for once, and transform ourselves if only we would just stop doubting and willfully join together for one day, when all the stars are at rest in their houses and watching for us to begin. 

14. Curtailing: Be heroes, just for one day.

15. Curtailing (different): We can be heroes, just.

16. Double curtailing: Be, heroes.

17. Triple contradiction: Like hell we can be “heroes.” Good luck with that.

18. Another point of view: My creative self is divided, and I am full of fear. Sometimes when I choose action and interference, the results are not good. If you hold my hand, I suppose I could give it a try. Worst case, I can always ditch. 

19. Minimal variations: We can be zeroes; We can be gyros; We can be weirdos.

20. Antonymy: They were cowards, for quite a long period.

21. Amplification: I demand that you to join me as I summon mystic and holy power from the depths of my being to face death, perform extraordinary feats, and save the world forever and ever and ever.

22. Reductive: C’mon.

23. Interference:

A) We can be heroes,

but horses cost money;

B) I can make more generals,

 just for one day.

24. Permutation: For just one day, we can be heroes.

25. Isomorphism: Mesonychidae would be dolphins, once upon a time.

26. Synonymous: Wouldn’t it be nice to feel good about ourselves, like even once.

27. Subtle insight: In a BBC interview, Tony Visconti explained the mixing of this song and the recording of Bowie’s vocal tracks, which were captured in-studio on three separate mics. Visconti said, “At the beginning of the song… you only hear one track.” When Bowie was singing quietly only the mic closest to him picked up sound, but as he sang louder there was a “threshold” at which a mic fifteen- to twenty-feet away opened its “electronic gate” and recorded, and at even louder volume, a mic at fifty-feet away, at the far end of the recording studio, unlocked and captured a third track.

28. Another interference:

C) We can be heroes,

these dead shall not have died in vain.

29. Homoconsonantism: Woa! Ocean by horse, Jesuit foe, ruined ye.

30. Homovocalism: Erase the lost euphony, not decant.

31. Homophony: Wiccan beat Eros. Adjust, foreign dame.

32. Snowball














33. Heterosyntaxism: Addicts are fools, (but for a moment) in slumped bliss.

34. In another meter:

If we’re in it an inch we are in it a mile;

why not pause and go kick out the jambs with some style?

35. Interrogative mode: How can we be heroes for just one day?

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