BEHR Casual Day T18-13©: Paint chip color in his hand when Clare confesses in the middle of Home Depot she’s been unfaithful.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Department at the firm where Clare and the man who’s fucking her work together.

702 N. Bridge Street, Apt. #8: The new home away from home.

Provisions: One plate. One toothbrush. One warm side of the bed.

Saturday: Day of the week he picks up his fourteen-year-old daughter, Avery, who makes no qualms about telling him what’s going on between her so-called parents is pure shit.

Agreement: What’s going on between him and Clare is pure shit.

Darcie, Sarah, Alice: Names of the women he has had one-night stands with since the break-up.

Inside of a Scooped Melon: The condition of his heart.

2:00 A.M.: The blue-tinged numbers displayed on the truck’s dashboard as he sits across the street from the house he and Clare once shared.

Pink bathrobe: What Clare wears as she looks out the living room window.

December 12, 1989: The first time Clare let the pink bathrobe slip from her shoulders as she told him he was her one and only.

Lavender & Mint: Scent associated with the small hollow at the nape of Clare’s neck where his lips belong.

One hundred fifty-three: The number of steps between his truck and the front door. 


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