Those men who, transformed into small worms, multiplied in paths and directions of the square. They pointed their sharp moustaches to the roots of the green trees. The trees have no longer green leaves. And through the historical transformation era, the trees stopped growing and men don’t become citizens.     

Abdelsalam Ibrahim, an Egyptian novelist and translator, wrote: “the comedy of the dead” (anthology of short stories), ‘Kadesh war and peace” (novel), ‘Altawab Alakbar” (novel), “Adinary’s throne (novel), “very short distance to sink” (anthology of short stories), Angels don’t eat KFC (anthology of flash fiction), “the Lord’s people” (novel). He also translated into Arabic “Ten lost plays” by Eugene O’Neill, “Play with a tiger” by Doris Lessing, “Anthology of short stories by noble prize writers” by different writers, “three plays” by Clifford Odets, “three plays” by D.H. Lawrence, “The ride down Mt. Morgan” by Arthur Miller, “Spotlight on British theater”, “Things fall apart” by Chinua Achebe, “Riders to the sea” by different playwrights, “Voss” by Patrick White.

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