my septum is not in alignment with my goals.
i have no goals except to say that my nose
needs to be more in alignment with my goals.

when they misplaced mount fuji and then i found it under kilimanjaro.

kill a man, jaro. jaro? in the sock drawer.

i throw a picture of a boat in the ocean.
i say, go find him! and don’t return until you do.
it was like that.

in the hippocampus. on a hip cam . hiccup.

my gramma saw a circle of ghost dancers in nevada.
i saw derrida on you tube. daddy da. same same, jamais. jam a.
with a soundtrack by john coltrane. no. robbie. robbie coltrane.

i booked an appointment. then
i just showed up. wah lah. say mwah.
i pull you into the work closet.
we knock over a bank and
then move to tijuana. in a volvo.
with a pull out couch.

i pull you into a work closet.
the one with the paper clips.

i make origami paper lips and
profess my desires to you.
you are an active listener.

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