“Be fascinating!”

                         Oscar Wilde


Bubbles in a glass of Dom,

the passersby on Noe Street

pirouette their way

from party to party,

under the smile of a crescent moon.


Did you hear the Apollo astronaut

said one of the most beautiful sights

is a urine dump at sunset?


Boisterous laughter sound

like the drumming of Olatunji.


On concupiscent Castro bi-ways,

echoes of steps sound too lonely

walking through the streets.


Longing to bottle the aphrodisiac

of falling in love over and over again,

they hunger for a carnival of erotic life.


Maya Angelou said

people will never forget

how you made them feel.


In the Market Street morning sun,

an ebullient gent with a top hat

strolls around in the nude,

his day-glow orange member

proudly exposed.


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