13 Types of Comedy

by | Jul 30, 2023 | And Now

1. Slapstick comedy: An obnoxiously long schlong bit by a tick.

2. Dark comedy: Death by windfallen cow.

3. Self-deprecating humor: A stoned loner quoting his jokes in the mirror.

4. Romantic comedy: A kiss beginning milliseconds before a hailstorm of turtle shells (but no turtles).

5. High comedy: A commoner, asking a yacht owner how to mow a lawn.

6. Situational comedy: When Bill walked in, the live audience lost it.

7. Parody: Another movie about dinosaurs with less story and more gags.

8. Surreal humor: He woke to his wife sewing his arms together. He kept quiet when she pointed to the not-yet-boiling soup.

9. Tragicomedy: A plane, crash landing onto a car of clowns.

10. Farce: He went to the i doctor on accident and managed to buy a new ego.

11. Wordplay comedy: A run-of-the-mill dunce juggling guns. “I can’t stomach another one,” he said over and over as the bulletproof vested audience cheered.

12. Deadpan comedy: Oh, he said, testing the weather pattern dials for the first time.

13. Observational comedy: He tripped into a giant pothole where four cars and a few bodies and one dying man chanted around a fire, a tiny lizard spinning on a spit.

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